hors-d-oeuvreHor's D'oeuvres are sold by the dozen, minimum orders of 3 dozen.We offer an array of canapé that are vegetarian, seafood and proteins. We can customize our recipes to suit your requirments.

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 Spring Rolls 077ab55046ce80eaf9a3ddea999597ca S
 Mushroom Tarts 3899dfe821816fbcb3db3e3b23f81585 S
 Tiger Shrimp 4965657af186b9092c7a96976ffe881c S
 Risotto Balls c9b002fe1bb0320831a8ae78670fdb6f S
 Brushetta c82cc4e14a1d2c8c8ffff9840d24b558 S
 Fruit Skewers c889234799e865bbe90cee71f6cd2e53 S
 Bacon Jam  f4b6dca0e2911082f0eb6e1df1a0e11d S
 Beef Satays  fc1da7257992fc36032e11db3df7a664 S
 Chicken Satays  fd8b0f77d767f1f6640afba6916ff67c S

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An assortment of products and services are available to meet your needs.:

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