doneooAt Bustini’s Catering we are always looking to improve our customer satisfaction as we aim to be Kingston and the 1000 islands preferred caterer. We are very interested in what our clients and their guests think of our service. We have developed a questionnaire below that asks some questions that will help us fine tune our system into an elite service in the area. If you would like to leave a review of our service please follow this link.


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Would you recommend Bustini’s Catering to a friend? ‘Yes, I’d recommend it because…’‘No, I wouldn’t recommend it because…’
How would you describe Bustini's Catering in one or more words? They are...
How does Bustini's Catering compare to its competitors ? How do we compare?Which do you prefer?
If you were to review Bustini's Catering what score would you give it out of 10? And Why ? Please rate us!
What do you find most frustrating about Bustini's Catering? Please tell us any challenges you faced ?
Overall, how easy to use do you find Bustini's Catering? ‘Very easy to use’; ‘Easy to use’; ‘Neither easy nor difficult to use’; ‘Difficult to use’ and ‘Very difficult to use’
If you could change one thing about Bustini's Catering what would it be and why? Tell us what is most important to you.
What features could you not live without? Tell us what was most helpful.
What do you like best about Bustini's Catering? Tell us what makes us a great choice.
How can we improve Bustini's Catering? Send us your ideas and suggestions
Anything else you care to share? Tell us anything we have missed?
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